Modern Bedroom Ideas

Modern Bedroom Ideas with stylish appearance

Modern bedroom ideas digress from the excessively dressy appearance towards a sleek, cool and stylish look. Minimalism and simplicity are the keywords here.

When redoing the bedroom, whether you choose traditional or modern bedroom ideas deciding the interiors calls for special attention. It is not only about recreating an idea or design that caught your attention in a home and lifestyle magazine. It should enhance the look and functionality of the space simultaneously. Colour schemes, furniture fixtures and lighting systems are the important elements of any bedroom design. Here’s a guide to choose the bedroom ideas that are best suited to you.

Bedroom Ideas: Colour Scheme

Choosing the appropriate colour scheme for your modern bedroom is important but, also tricky. The colour you choose should make you feel at home; should be relaxing and soothing. Interior designers mainly decide colour schemes considering the purpose of the bedroom; whether you use it as a workplace, a place to relax and unwind or for entertainment purposes. Natural and muted tones such as sand, cream, light brown, taupe, beige, tan and crisp white are colour options for modern bedroom ideas. They make the room look bright and spacious (best for small spaces). However, a burst of colours can also be appropriate for modern designs

Warm colors like shades of orange and red add vibrancy while cool shades (green, blue, grey) and natural palettes have a soothing effect. Instead of painting the walls in a single colour, you can paint one wall in a shade darker and brighter than the others as an accent or focal wall. Wall paper is another option many choose as a part of their modern bedroom ideas.

Modern Bedroom Ideas:  Furniture Fixtures

Sleek and simple furniture suits modern bedroom ideas better than vintage furniture with intricate and ornate designs. As a part of the modern bedroom design, opt for platform beds and not larger poster beds that give a crowded appearance. If you have separates, you can think of creating a bedroom set with furniture fixtures made in the same wood. Try to keep the furniture less in the bedroom. The basic furniture fixtures a modern bedroom should accommodate include a night stand, dresser, bed, mirror, a chair or two and if space permits you can have a computer table or work desk.

Modern Bedroom Ideas: Lighting

Modern bedroom ideas rely more on natural lighting. However, if there is in sufficient natural light, you can fix fancy lights that will brighten up the room and suit the interiors. Task lighting is a must at work spaces and areas such as the mirror. Lighting is also important if you have a walk in closet. Use recessed lighting.

Modern Bedroom Ideas: Dressing up the interiors

Bedding and draperies in solid colours look great while creating modern bedroom ideas. If you think they look too plain, you can opt for tone on tone fabrics for a complete and neat look. Decorate the wall with artwork. Keep the wall colour as a guideline while selecting draperies. Add colour to the room by using throw pillows. The other extras you can add include lamps, rugs and table mats. Clutter and too many accessories do not gel well with modern bedroom ideas.